Training Facilities

The Community College “Panacea” has signed the Agreement on cooperation in sphere of professional students practical training with following teaching facilities:

1. Medical Corporation Evex 

2. "PSP" Pharma LTD

3. Dental Clinic "Saparusi"

4. G. Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center

5. Tbilisi Central Hospital

6. "Hera" Ltd. - 2011

7. SPA Health and Medical Rehabilitation National Scientific-Practical Center

8.Charity Fund of Georgia Caritas

9. Tbilisi Cancer Center

10.Infectious Clinical Hospital of Children 1

11.M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital 1

12.I. Tsitsishvili Children’s New Clinic

13.Center for High Medical Technologies University Clinic (Ingorokva Clinic)

14. Clinic “Traumatologist”

15. TSMU’s Firs University Clinic

16. Regional Hospital

17. Mental Health and Drug Prevention Center

18. Pharmacy LTD "Krtsanisi"

19. "Gefa" LTD

20. Tbilisi Referral Hospital

21. The medical ecosystem "Pineo"

22. Dental Clinic "Elite"


 24. ltd MBS 

25. Tbilisi 58th Kindergarten

26. Tbilisi 15th Kindergarten 

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