Mission of Public College "Panacea" is to develop qualified, competent and competitive health care professionals satisfying the demands of modern market.

Major aim of the College: to develop individuality, independent and critical thinking among youth, skill of introducing, understanding and using of modern medical achievements turning students into highly-qualified professionals.

Major tasks of the College:

- Preparing of competitive, highly-qualified personnel oriented to local and foreign markets;

- Arrangement of active, consequential events for continuous, dynamic self-development;

- Active participation in creation of united professional - educational space;

- Cooperation with Georgian and foreign educational institutions;

- Providing availability and publicity of education, creating of student-oriented educational program;

- Focusing on developing qualification of teachers;

- taking care of disabled individuals and providing relevant educational conditions for them;

- supporting employment of the graduating students, initiating of own business and self-employment;

- Providing of relevant material-technical base of the institution;

- Establishing of educational-collaboration relations, supporting of participation of relevant employers in planning and accomplishment of educational programs.

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