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In 1873 in Tbilisi was opened the Private Obstetrical Patient Care Institute with 12 beds.

In 1875 it was transformed into Transcaucasia Midwife Institute. By the initiative and support of Olga Fedorovna, spouse of Crown Prince Mikhail Romanov in 1875 was opened Obstetrical Training Courses under the Private Obstetrical Institute. It was the first center for middle training of medical staff. Educational programs for obstetrical courses were elaborated at the Medical Institutions of Sankt Petersburg and Moscow Medical Maternity Institutions. In the first graduation year, January 1878 were 28 graduates.

During years the studying process were improved and developed, the name of the institution was changed from time to time as well and finally it was called – “Tbilisi Secondary State Medical School”, in which were studied numerous famous scientists and citizens.

While many years the School became so much well-known and enjoyed high authority that its graduates were received with special honor and other medical institutions often made inquiries to invite its graduates. To credit of “Tbilisi Secondary State Medical School” should be noted that in 2008 among graduates was the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elizabeth Roulovs. In 1996 On the base of Tbilisi Secondary State Medical School was founded Medical Institute “Panacea” Ltd.

On July, 2011 Medical Institute “Panacea” Ltd founded the Community College “Panacea”.


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