18 Oct 2011
Dentists’ Practicy

09:59 / 14 November '18
Meeting with vocational teachers

On November 9 of the current year, the College administration met with vocational teachers and administration representatives.

   Mr. Vasil Kiknadze, Director of the College, introduced to vocational teachers the new standards and assessment principles for authorization of vocational educational institutions.

   Mr. Vasil has made a special emphasis on mission and strategic development as well as on the importance of the development of human resources of the College. Ms. Maia Chikhladze, Deputy Director of the College, focused on the development of the College mission in a new way, adding that the mission should determine the role and place of the College in the field of vocational education.

The Head of the Educational Process Management Service, Ms. Dali Kaladze spoke about the vision and values of the College.

   At the meeting professional teachers expressed their opinions, talked about College vision and future plans.

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