23 Dec 2011
Practice in O. Ghudushauri National Center

09:44 / 21 September '18
Successful Graduates

 In June, 2018, the Georgian capital and balneological resort organized by professional massage of Georgia for the first time hosted the international championship in technologies of massage "GEORGIAFEST 2018" for our country. Two championships were held within the mentioned event: 1. International Championship GEORGIAFEST 2018, in which the representatives of Georgia participated together with the professionals of different countries. 2. The first championship of Georgia with the participation of Georgian professionals only. Our graduates Marta Shubitidze and Tatia Kurtanidze won the highest prizes. Marta Shubitidze became an absolute champion in international championship in massage technologies GEORGIAFEST 2018 and Tatia Kurtanidze is the owner of 1 place in classical massage. We congratulate them and wish them more success.

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