18 Oct 2011
Dentists’ Practicy

11:29 / 18 May '18
Estonian delegation

On May 15, 2018, the Estonian delegation visited the private colleges association, including the rectors of the Estonian state higher institutions. Among them was Tallinn Health College, the Estonian partner of Public College "Panacea". The guests were hosted by the Georgian Business Academy (SBA).
Higher education programs in Estonian Higher Institutions are conducted together with higher vocational programs. The aim of the visit was to find opportunities to cooperate with professional programs.
At the meeting the Association President made a presentation on the professional education system in Georgia, in general, and, in particular, on the work done by the Association.
The new Law on "Vocational Education" enables us to take real steps towards internationalization of programs, both in implementation of joint programs and in conduction of exchange programs for teachers and students.

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