23 Dec 2011
Practice in O. Ghudushauri National Center

17:33 / 13 Februrary '12

Memorandum (signed on cooperation) dated February 10, 2012 between Community College and other five Community Colleges represented by Directors.

The parties agreed to cooperate over issues involved in sphere of common interests and in the process of implementation of professional education programs and for provision of rights to receive high profile education and mobility. The parties also agreed to cooperate and to make joint efforts aiming to improve procedures of legislation system on professional education and to take agreed position.

At meeting of the Community College the paramount focus was made to rules of evaluation of tests on education programs for professional students. The document of Business Academy of Georgia (SBA) was under review and as a result the parties agreed that while few days they will present their experience and outlook followed by final engagement and shaping positions. The document will be sent to the National Center of Development of Education Profile to obtain references.

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